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Legal Status

The Western Orthodox University is an international religious organization operating chiefly through the medium of the Internet and bringing together a worldwide network of campuses and individuals in administration, faculty and student relationships. The adjunct faculty and administration are located in various countries and degrees may be conferred in different jurisdictions where permitted by law. The University is a part of the Apostolic Episcopal Church, a worldwide Christian communion in the Continuing Anglican tradition.

The Western Orthodox University maintains its incorporation in the Commonwealth of Dominica. This incorporation gives the University full authority to operate as a private international university, to accept students and to confer degrees. The registered office of Western Orthodox University, Ltd., is 8, Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica. The President of the Board of Directors of Western Orthodox University, Ltd., is Mr Alex James, who has authority to appoint the University’s Chancellor (Supreme Head) and officers.

The Western Orthodox University is accredited by the Pontificia Accademia Tiberina and the Commission on Accreditation of the Anglican Accrediting Association. These are voluntary, non-governmental systems of accreditation. The University is not accredited by any government or para-statal authority and does not award state degrees.

Further information on accreditation and legal status is provided on the accreditation page.

Comparability of academic titles and standards

The Western Orthodox University is a wholly independent and autonomous body maintaining its own academic standards. Even where its degree titles are the same or similar to those conferred by other institutions in other jurisdictions, the University does not warrant any comparability of standards or requirements. The title of professor awarded by the University is not a United Kingdom professorship, and is held on an honorary basis. The title of doctor or its abbreviation Dr does not signify that the holder is a Doctor of Medicine unless specific medical credentials are listed, and is not awarded by a United Kingdom university unless specifically listed as such. In some cases the title of doctor may signify the holder of an honorary doctorate. Fellows, officers and faculty of the University may hold degrees or doctorates from non-UK universities, and these may or may not be accredited by a government-approved body.

Faculty, officers, not employees

No person holding an office such as professor, fellow, tutor, director of studies, dean etc. is an employee of the University. All persons providing tutorial and examining services to the University do so on a self-employed consultancy basis or through their own independent organizations. The position of fellow of the University is honorary and does not necessarily engage the University in any obligation to offer the person concerned tutorial or examining work.

Status in the United States of America

The Western Orthodox University is not a United States university and does not operate in any territory of the United States of America. It is not accredited or licensed by any agency recognised by the federal or state governments of the United States of America. In the United States of America, many federal, state and private organisations require U.S.-accredited degrees. In these situations it is the responsibility of the individual concerned to establish whether or not a foreign degree will be an acceptable alternative. The Western Orthodox University makes no representations concerning the acceptance of its degrees in the United States of America.

Status in the European Union

The Western Orthodox University is not a European Union university and is not accredited or recognized by any institution of the European Union.

Status in the United Kingdom

The Western Orthodox University is not a United Kingdom university, and does not hold a United Kingdom Royal Charter or Act of Parliament. Its degrees are not United Kingdom degrees and are conferred under foreign degree-granting authority in the form of its corporate charter from the Commonwealth of Dominica, religious charter, and common law precedent. The Western Orthodox University makes no representations concerning the acceptance of its degrees in the United Kingdom. The Western Orthodox University does not use the title “university” in respect of its activities within the United Kingdom since this term is restricted by law.

The Western Orthodox University has appointed OXCEL to provide educational and administrative services and to act in a representative capacity for the University in the United Kingdom. The address of OXCEL is 27, Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom. OXCEL is not a degree-awarding entity in its own right; it prepares students for non-United Kingdom degree awards conferred by the Western Orthodox University. In addition, OXCEL awards its own diplomas which are United Kingdom professional awards and are not degrees.

Merged institutions

The Western Orthodox University incorporates several merged and currently inactive institutions, including Holy Apostles Glastonbury Biblical Seminary, European-American University, and All Saints College, Dublin. Of these, Holy Apostles Glastonbury Biblical Seminary and European-American University derived their degree-granting authority on the basis of incorporation in the Commonwealth of Dominica; and All Saints College, Dublin, on the basis of incorporation in the Republic of Ireland.

Licensing of campuses

The University’s International Partners (affiliated campuses) generally hold governmental licensing to operate and run the programmes they offer, or are subject to statutory exemption in the various countries concerned. Please contact the campus concerned for details.

Relationship to other institutions

The Western Orthodox University has no relationship, affiliation or association to any other institution, whether educational in nature or not, bearing the name “Western Orthodox” or any other similar name.

Operations within certain countries

Legislation may restrict the availability and uses of the products and services offered by this website in certain countries. Persons resident in certain jurisdictions may also be prohibited by law from accessing the products and services offered by this website. This website should not be viewed as any form of advertisement or solicitation to persons living in these jurisdictions.

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Fair Use Notice
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Material on this website
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Notwithstanding this:

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Link policy
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Tuition fees and academic regulations are subject to change without notice.

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