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Thank you for your visit to our website. I hope you will find the information contained within interesting and productive.

The website describes distance learning external programmes provided by the Western Orthodox Academy (which does not grant degrees) in the United Kingdom and leading to overseas, non-United Kingdom degree awards made by the Western Orthodox University on the basis of its incorporation in the Commonwealth of Dominica. It also gives details of distance and blended learning programmes offered via affiliated campuses in Africa and Asia that lead to Western Orthodox University awards, and explains the history, research and archival work of the University.

The Western Orthodox University is dedicated to a specific educational methodology – individualized, mentored study in which students have a high degree of autonomy in the design and execution of their programs. Sometimes characterized as the “Oxbridge tutorial method”, mentor-directed one-to-one or small group tuition is in fact the oldest model of education that has come down to us today, and predates the mass education that is prevalent in modern universities. A great strength of this is that students may start and end a programme at their own pace, and work when it suits them to accommodate professional and/or family commitments.

The University benefits from an established network of affiliated partner campuses, institutions and faculty around the world that are authorized to prepare students for its awards. Although we make use of a number of modern technologies to deliver its programmes, many students still do some study face to face with their mentors, and some tuition is given in small groups in a classroom setting.

Specializing in the education of adults who are already established in their fields rather than in school-leavers, the University has significant expertise in the assessment of prior formal and informal learning for college credit. APEL and related methodologies, which are now widely used and accepted in the university sector, can significantly shorten the time needed to earn a degree.

These programmes are designed for the serious and motivated student. Among our alumni we count some highly distinguished people – members of Royal Houses, government ministers, judges, leaders in business and in the Church to name but a few. The Western Orthodox Academy and the Western Orthodox University are institutions of the Apostolic Episcopal Church, a traditional or “continuing” Anglican denomination that was established in 1925 and formally recognized by the laws of the State of New York, USA, in 1932. With the exception of certain theology programmes, however, the University remains open to students regardless of their personal beliefs.

Our institutions are structured as a social enterprise. They have no endowment and their only source of income is student fees and donations from those who support its work. While we must cover costs and operate efficiently, the primary object is not to make a profit, but to carry out an educational mission.

Founded in 1945, the University is accredited by the Pontificia Accademia Tiberina, one of the Pontifical Academies, in Rome, as well as by the Anglican Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Western Orthodox University is justifiably proud of its record in making a positive difference to the lives of our students. We look forward to receiving your enquiries.

The Most Revd. Professor John Kersey, D.D., D.Litt., Ed.D.
Chancellor of the Western Orthodox University
Master of the Western Orthodox Academy

2013 Convocation in Togo

Her Excellency, Dr (Mrs) Abiodun Isa Yuguda, former Bauchi State (Nigeria) First Lady with Dr Luke Okojie, who earned his doctorate from the University

Photographs from the 2016 Convocation in Togo

The African Convocation of the University for 2016 was held in Togo. As well as our graduates who were presented with their degrees, a number of honorands received honorary degrees from the University.

The J.S.M. Ward Society is featured in The Square magazine

The J.S.M. Ward Society, a constituent society of the Apostolic Episcopal Church and a research centre of the University, has provided the cover feature of the June edition of The Square, the independent quarterly magazine for Freemasons. In his article, Warren D. Pilkington gives an introduction to the nature and aims of the Society and discusses both Ward’s life and his considerable involvement in Freemasonry.

The editor of The Square is Dr Mike Kearsley, who is a Professorial Fellow of the University.

Call for Papers: Journal “Socrates”

Journal “Socrates” is an international multi-lingual multi-disciplinary refereed and indexed scholarly journal produced as part of the Harvard Dataverse Network.

Inspired by Unesco`s proclamation of last year as a year of Aristotle we provide an opportunity for scholars around the world to write about the hottest topics in the area of ancient Greek philosophy. This call is open to all those engaged in social sciences and humanities or are active in various scientific organizations.

All terms and conditions you can find on our official site, as well as the Research Paper Format/template acceptable for our Journal.

Deadline for submissions of papers is June 23.

The language is English.

The papers you can submit online or after downalding the Research Paper Format/template on email address:

Topics must include the most important aspects of ancient Greek philosophy, but a specific area that will process by the author is miscellaneous.

After peer review of our Editorial Team the best papers will be included in the upcoming Issue. 

Editor of the Issue “Ancient Greek Philosophy” is Olivera Z. Mijuskovic.

Sincerely yours,

Editorial Team of the Journal “Socrates”

The Death Penalty in China: legal and moral considerations

>>The Death Penalty in China/Pena di Morte in Cina (text in Italian)
by Professor Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas

The Attack on Pearl Harbour

>>The Attack on Pearl Harbour/L’attacco a Pearl Harbour (text in Italian)
by Professor Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas

On Manichaeism

>>On Manichaeism/Sul Manicheismo (text in Italian)
a new book by Professor Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas

Western Orthodox University graduates have the opportunity to join the Institute of Management Specialists

Join the Institute of Management Specialists

The Institute of Management Specialists – – is a 47 year old professional (UK) body, which recognises the education and knowledge skills of managers in their various specialised fields.

It has four grades of membership – Associate, Full, Fellow and Companion and recognises member specialisations in over 20 fields.

The Institute invites graduates of Western Orthodox University (and its merged institution European-American University) with a generic or specialised Bachelor degree in the area of Management to apply for Full membership grade of the Institute of Management Specialists and those with a MBA or Master in a Specialised Management area to apply for Fellow Membership.

For further information email:

Brief Notes on the Peacock in Culture and in Art

>>Brief Notes on the Peacock in Culture and in Art/Brevi Cenni sul Pavone nella Cultura e nell’Arte (text in Italian)
by Professor Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas

Shintoism, The Religion of Japan

>>Shintoism, The Religion of Japan/Lo Shintoismo Religione del Giappone (text in Italian)
by Professor Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas