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The Western Orthodox University normally holds at least one main Convocation each year. In addition, particular affiliated campuses may hold their own ceremonies. Many graduates consider attending Convocation to be a major occasion in their lives and the appropriate culmination of their hard work and achievement.

It is not necessary to attend a Convocation or degree ceremony in order to graduate. The issuance of the degree certificate is considered to mark the act of graduation whether this is done at convocation or via postal mail. Usually when a graduate completes their programme, the decision to admit them to a degree is ratified by the Western Orthodox University and then communicated to the Western Orthodox Academy, which informs the graduate and sends them their University certificate and other documentation where applicable.

Convocation 2009 was held at the campus of the University of Lagos, Nigeria, by kind permission of the University authorities. Convocation 2010 was held at the campus of the University of Ghana. 2011 saw convocations in Ghana, Togo, London and Oxford, UK, while 2012 saw a return to London, UK, and 2013 to Togo and to Ghana. In 2014 and 2015 Convocation was held in Ghana and in 2016 there were ceremonies in Togo and London, UK. Some photographs and press coverage from past ceremonies can be viewed on the Notices page.

Attending Convocation

All graduates who have not previously attended Convocation are welcome to attend, space permitting. Those who have already received their degree certificate but have not yet attended Convocation are welcome to have their certificate formally presented at the ceremony by a senior officer of the University. No person who is not in good financial standing with the Western Orthodox University or the Western Orthodox Academy may attend Convocation.

It is usual for family and guests to be present at the ceremony. As well as graduates of earned degree programmes, a number of honorary degrees are presented at Convocation. Refreshments are served after the ceremony and there is also plenty of opportunity for photographs to be taken. A video recording of the ceremony is usually made and afterwards there will be opportunities to purchase the recording on DVD.

It is extremely important that those attending should make the necessary arrangements well in advance. All participants are responsible for their own costs and arrangements in respect of travel and accommodation, and for the additional costs that will usually be imposed for attendance at the ceremony to cover venue and administration charges. Details of these matters can be obtained from the senior officer of the University concerned with the ceremony.

Academical dress

Academic dress is to be worn by all graduates at Convocation. There are two schemes of academic dress; the full scheme which is made by the Western Orthodox University’s official robemakers and available to purchase from them, and a simpler scheme which is used for convocations only and is also available to hire. Details of academical dress can be found in Regulation 9 of the University.

Beyond Convocation

We hope that our graduates will keep in touch with the University through active involvement in the Alumni Association. We are also interested to hear from graduates as to their future successes and the productive use they have made of their degrees.