The Western Orthodox Academy

Arthur Mowle

arthurmowleThe Revd. Canon Dr. Arthur Mowle is a polymath, and works at a high level in several different fields. He was until recently Director of the Liberal Catholic Institute of Studies, Australia, and Vicar of the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine (Liberal Catholic) in Perth. He now serves as a priest in the Apostolic Episcopal Church, where he is Vicar-General for Australia, and in the Order of Antioch. He holds degrees and diplomas in theology, education, nursing, health sciences, humanities and further disciplines, with many of his credentials gained via non-traditional and correspondence education. He holds doctoral degrees from California Coast University and the former Columbia Pacific University, and was a member of faculty of the latter institution. He has been a registered nurse, and is a registered teacher and registered psychotherapist influenced by the work of Assagioli. He has published work on health science in peer-reviewed journals, and in that area has been concerned with issues such as Vitamin C, and the response to AIDS.

He is past recipient of the Plato Award of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

Dr. Mowle’s submission for the degree of Doctor of Letters at European-American University was described as “exemplary” by his examiners. He has since gone on to earn MMin and ThD degrees.