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We welcome contact from alumni and former students after graduation and hope that many of them will want to stay in touch and let us know of developments in their careers. The body of alumni of the Western Orthodox University also includes those of institutions that have merged within it, including European-American University and Holy Apostles Glastonbury Biblical Seminary.

Degree verification

The Western Orthodox Academy is happy to verify the holder of a degree to third parties upon request. It is obliged to treat data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner as a data controller. Our Data Protection Policy can be read here.

The Universidad Panamericana, Costa Rica, the Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica, and the Universidad San Juan de la Cruz verify their own degrees independently and inquiry should be made to them directly.

All responsibility for the verification of degrees issued by the former European-American University and by Holy Apostles Glastonbury Biblical Seminary prior to their merger in the Western Orthodox University resides with the Western Orthodox Academy today.

A fee is payable for any verification not done by email, and any associated mail or courier costs. We do not offer any verification service by telephone or fax.


All alumni of the Western Orthodox University and its constituent institutions are welcome to attend the University’s Convocations, and any graduate who has not previously received their degree in a presentation ceremony may do so at these events.

Purchase or hire of academical dress

Graduates who wish to purchase or hire the academical dress for their Western Orthodox University award may obtain a letter of authorization to be presented to the University’s robemakers.

Dual degree schemes for existing alumni

Although their existing degrees are fully legal and will continue to be honoured and verified, a scheme has been established whereby graduates of the former European-American University and Holy Apostles Glastonbury Biblical Seminary are eligible to receive a dual degree award from the Western Orthodox University. This will appeal particularly to those graduates for whom it is preferable to hold an award from a current institution. An administration fee of £40 is payable for this service. In the case of students in Africa and Asia, the scheme operates through collating batches of documents representing several graduates which are then sent to the Regional Offices for collection; if graduates wish documents to be sent to them individually or by courier this is possible but will require additional fees.

Separately from this, it remains possible for eligible alumni who have not previously proceeded to a Universidad Panamericana, Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica, or Universidad San Juan de la Cruz dual degree to activate this procedure. Contact the Western Orthodox Academy for the applicable fees and requirements.


We welcome donations to assist in our mission and provide an endowment for future work. As a private, independent religious organization, we receive no state funds and our income is entirely derived from student fees. As our mission of expansion continues, we are seeking to increase the practical applicability of our programmes, add to our body of affiliated campuses, and continue to develop and improve in every aspect of our institution.

To discuss a donation, please contact us.