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Affiliated Campuses of the Western Orthodox University

Campus based programmes leading to degrees of the Western Orthodox University (Commonwealth of Dominica)

In its relations with campuses, the Western Orthodox University functions as a federal body contracting with independent colleges as its affiliated campuses, which are owned and operated autonomously. This federal model of the university was pioneered by the University of London, UK, in the nineteenth-century and has since been adopted by other institutions worldwide. Affiliated teaching colleges whose awards are validated by the Western Orthodox University are designated International Partners.

Study options on campus are currently available at bachelor, master and doctoral levels in a range of subject fields including business, management, accounting and information technology. Options range from full-time, residential programmes to those conducted via short residency and workplace learning.

Campus programmes are recruited for by the partner institutions that run them, not centrally by the University or by the Western Orthodox Academy, and therefore they are not described in detail on this website. Accordingly, application for admission should be made direct to the institution concerned. To establish which programmes are currently available at each campus, you should approach that campus directly. The campus will also provide you with details of the current tuition/fee costs, which are different from those that apply to the University’s distance learning programmes.

The University’s diversification makes possible an unusual degree of individual customization in the way our programmes are offered. The University works closely with partner campuses to ensure that what is offered is academically rigorous but also meets the needs of professionals and employers within that geographical area. Partners themselves have input into the kind of programme they want to deliver, subject to University approval, without having a standardized curriculum imposed upon them. In this way, for example, the balance between thesis, project work, taught course assessment and formal examination is established so as best to benefit the students concerned and to enable them to demonstrate their abilities to best advantage. Wherever possible, these balances are capable of variation and individual student choice at the discretion of the partner institution. The curriculums and standards of partner institutions are subject to inspection by University officers.

International Partners

Campus-based institutions that affiliate with the Western Orthodox University for the purposes of educational delivery are known as Western Orthodox University International Partners. In most cases, the programmes offered by International Partners lead to a dual award, consisting of a non-degree certificate or diploma awarded by the Partner and an academically equivalent reciprocal degree for that programme awarded by the University under its incorporation in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

All International Partners are themselves accredited or approved by governmental authority to deliver their educational programmes under the laws of the countries where they operate. It is a condition of retaining International Partner status that compliance with all laws and regulations regarding the delivery of educational programmes in their respective jurisdictions is maintained to the fullest extent.

International Partners will normally accept the full transfer of credits earned in the course of study towards Western Orthodox University degrees at other International Partners. This allows students to transfer between institutions, and potentially even between different countries, thus creating an internationally-based programme.

The University seeks actively to expand its network of International Partners. If you represent an organization that would be interested to discuss partnership possibilities for University-validated programs, please contact the University with your proposals.

Currently authorized Partners

At the present time, there are around twenty institutions authorized as International Partners. They are located in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition, the University maintains contact with a number of additional campus centres that may run programmes when there is sufficient demand.

The authorization status of any institution claiming affiliation with the Western Orthodox University can be verified on enquiry to the University, by using the contact form.