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Canon Arthur Mowle receives doctorate

arthurmowleOn the first of May 2016, the Senate of the Western Orthodox University conferred on the Revd. Canon Dr Arthur Mowle, OCR, OA, the degree of Doctor of Science (ScD).   The degree was awarded after a careful review of Canon Mowle’s past work in the area of ‘applied’ Clinical Nutrition, especially his research into the benefits of high dose Vitamin C  in illness prevention and his work as a psychotherapist with boys experiencing school learning and and behavioural problems.  Canon Mowle was awarded a Doctor of Science (Health Science) degree in the United States back in 1982 and his thesis titled, ‘Man, Disease and Vitamin C’ is still on the shelves of Murdoch University.  Ian Dettman, PhD (Monash), one of Canon Mowle’s examiners at the time, wrote in 1987:

‘Dr Arthur Mowle has contributed a considerable treatise to the annals of Nutrition.   He has detailed with skill some of the underlying causes of disease.   Dr Mowle has reviewed the literature concerning Vitamin C and its physiological role in protecting the human body from stress, as a prophylactic in coronary heart disease and as a pharmacological agent in treating a range of bacterial and viral diseases.   he has tackled the complex relationship of Ascorbate (Vit C) and  SIDS with a lot of clarity.   The thesis is well documented.  Many of the areas presented, challenge some of the more traditional views of Vitamin C, however, Dr Mowle backs up his assertions clearly and with considerable documentation.   The structure of the thesis is sound.   From the point of view of a biochemist, I would have preferred to have seen a chapter dedicated to the quite involved known chemistry of Vitamin C.   I would recommend this thesis as an innovative, radical approach to the understanding of the role that Vitamin C has in human disease.’

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