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This website provides details of distance learning external programmes provided by European-American Extension College in the United Kingdom and open to students worldwide. These programmes lead to overseas, non-United Kingdom degree awards made by several private Universities whose status is explained below.

European-American Extension College provides academic and administrative services that support learners both in the United Kingdom and worldwide who desire to obtain an overseas (non-UK) degree award through independent, mentored distance study via the Internet and assessment of their prior educational achievements. The College does not maintain a campus or offer traditional classes in the UK. The College’s vision of education is one of tailored solutions for discerning high achievers who prefer the efficiency and freedom from bureaucracy that a programme validated by a private University can offer, rather than the mass market product available elsewhere. This independent outlook leads to the placement of the learner at the heart of their own educational process, participating in uniquely flexible programmes that are capable of considerable individual customization.

European-American Extension College is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) with Provider Reference Number 10063798. The UKRLP does not quality assure or accredit in any way the learning provision of the provider. However, registration with the UKRLP does serve as an official confirmation that the education provider’s existence and details have been verified by a UK government agency.

European-American Extension College is a private United Kingdom education provider that is not within the United Kingdom state education system and that prepares and supports students studying for degree awards made by overseas universities. The Principal of European-American Extension College is Professor John Kersey, an educationalist who serves as Chancellor of European-American University (Bunyoro-Kitara, Panama) and the Western Orthodox University (Florida, USA), as well as being a Full Professor in the International Program of the Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica.

The College is associated with a group of overseas, non-UK Universities that work in collaboration to offer programmes of study and assessment to students internationally who are seeking a flexible and economical opportunity to earn a degree. The majority of its associated Universities are accredited by government authorities in their respective countries of origin, although some are self-regulating within national systems that permit self-regulating higher education institutions to be established.

Some of the associated Universities maintain a traditional campus. Others operate solely via distance learning. Some offer blended learning, mixing campus and distance learning at locations internationally.

For the avoidance of doubt, none of the Universities associated with the College is a United Kingdom or European Union university, nor do they hold accreditation in the United States of America, and their degrees may not be considered equivalent to government-accredited degrees that are issued in those jurisdictions. Because they are not United Kingdom Universities they do not have recognition or accreditation from the government of the United Kingdom. They are also not regionally or nationally accredited by a government-recognized accrediting body in the United States.

Programmes available

For details of all the programmes currently available, please visit the website of the overseas University given below.

Associated institutions

The Universidad Panamericana (UPA) has been accredited by the Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP) of the Ministry of Education, Costa Rica, since 7 December 1988.

The Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica (UNEM) has been accredited by the Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP) of the Ministry of Education, Costa Rica, since 5 November 1997,

The Universidad San Juan de la Cruz (USJDLC) has been accredited by the Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP) of the Ministry of Education, Costa Rica, since 29 April 1996, and is a member institution of the Centro de Educación Superior – Consorcio Universitario Americano (American University Consortium) (CDES) which is described below.

European-American University was established in 2003. It has its own Royal Charter of Incorporation issued by the Omukama (King) of the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, one of the subnational kingdoms of Uganda, and is further incorporated as an international private university in Panama. Reciprocal recognition is extended between the degrees of European-American University and those of the Universidad Panamericana, Universidad San Juan de la Cruz,  and Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica via a dual degree validation scheme.

The Western Orthodox University was established in 1945. It is a Statute 1005.06 (1)(f) Religious Institution in the State of Florida, USA. It maintains two faculties, of Theology and of Church Music, and offers programmes from the initial postsecondary level to the doctorate in religious areas from an ecumenical Christian perspective. Admission is open to all regardless of religious beliefs.

The International Institute of Chartered Project Managers, with headquarters in Dansoman, Ghana, was established as a collaboration by EAU and leading Ghanaian educational entrepreneur Professor Joseph Olusola Aina, who has extensive experience in training and certifying Project Managers. The Institute offers established Project Managers the opportunity to obtain a certification based on their experience in the field of Project Management. Each candidate presents a portfolio of their achievements which is assessed by the Institute for the applicable level of membership. All certifications from the Institute are endorsed by EAU and can be recognized for degree credit towards EAU degrees at the applicable level.

Opportunities for further reciprocal degrees through the Centro de Educación Superior – Consorcio Universitario Americano (American University Consortium)

The Centro de Educación Superior – Consorcio Universitario Americano (American University Consortium) (CDES) is a recently-established consortium consisting of some thirty university-level institutions in Central and South America, with members in Costa Rica, Paraguay, Panama, Honduras, the Philippines and Mexico at the present time. There are over thirty member institutions, including the Universidad San Juan de la Cruz, Costa Rica (see above). Graduates of the Universidad San Juan de la Cruz (accredited by the Costa Rican government) can therefore obtain a further degree from a choice of over thirty other partner institutions, which include postsecondary providers accredited by either the Costa Rican, Paraguayan, Panamanian, Honduran, Philippines and Mexican governments. For details of the current member universities of the consortium, see the CDES website at www.cdes.edu.uy

Applications for study opportunities

The College is happy to consider applications from those enquirers interested in the study opportunities offered by its partners. Applicants should firstly read the website of the institution that they are interested in thoroughly, and then follow the application instructions provided here. The College can offer any advice and support that may be required during this process. Contact the College using its contact form.